Increasing developments in information and communication technologies have contributed significantly to economic growth of countries and improvement of the living standards of individuals.

To ensure that farmers take part in this world, they need to be qualified by trainings that will give them digital competences. As an important social group, farmers should be empowered through training programs within the education system and other initiatives aimed at improving existing knowledge. This process will be accelerated if farmers can continue learning via the Internet and smartphones. Basic computer skills and information literacy competence will contribute to the empowerment and liberation of farmers who can become active participants in agricultural development in the decision-making chains.

For this reason, it has become necessary to prepare a training module that is suitable for the digital level of the farmers and which they can participate with pleasure; and Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “Developing Farmers' Digital Skills” was prepared. It is aimed to contribute to the active involvement of rural farmers/producers in social & business life and to ensure that farmers are more active by increasing digital transversal skills; thus to increase their efficiency and productivity in their life.