Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

This course contains the essential but simplified information about the funding opportunities by the Greek Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 for the farmer, the producer group or organisation, the rural entrepreneur, the rural Municipality, the Local Action Group, the person, advisor, researcher, business engaged in the agricultural, food and forestry sector, the land manager, the forest holder  and other economic actors operating in rural areas

It is structured in such a way, so as to fulfill the requirements for all different potential beneficiaries of the Greek RDP, explaining the existing funding opportunities in a concrete and simplified manner. 

The course contains the following learning units:

  • General Information
  • Legal Requirements according to EU legal frame
  • RDP Definitions
  • Rural Development Programme for Greece 2014-2020

Each Measure contains information on its scope, the intervention area, the type of support (i.e. Start-up aid, grants, annual or one-off payments etc), the beneficiaries, the eligible expenditure, the eligibility conditions / Selection criteria, the aid intensity/amount of support.