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Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “Developing Farmers' Digital Skills” Project aims to contribute to the active involvement of rural farmers/producers in social & business life and to ensure that farmers are more active by increasing digital transversal skills; thus to increase their efficiency and productivity in their life.

In the scope of the project, the partners have designed a learning platform as an OER in six languages (English, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Czech), based on the "Farmers’ Digital Skills" Training Module/Course.

The "Farmers’ Digital Skills", which is a European-oriented training course, prepared by considering the "European Qualifications Framework", has the potential to increase productivity and sociability of farmers' digital literacy skills.

During the development of the training modules, the creative team of the project outputs has designed the structure that will really meet all the farmers’ needs, well organized, clear and useful.

The partnership of the project hopes that the course meets the training needs of farmers/individuals on their digital skills and contributes to their sociability and productivity.

“Digifarmer Learning Platform” (